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Your browser's default referrer policy (⚠️ accurate in Chrome, not in all other browsers)

Detected default referrer policy:

chrome logo Chrome has changed its default referrer-policy to no-referrer-when-downgrade.

Pick a document-level referrer policy

Impact of the document-level policy: let's fetch stuff

Request to... What was sent in the Referer header?
another HTTPS origin
cross-origin no downgrade
the same origin
an HTTP origin
cross-origin with downgrade
[BLOCKED because mixed content]

Let's test element-level referrerpolicy

iframe (cross-origin)

Navigation requests (cross-origin)

No referrerpolicy: `a` link
referrerpolicy = no-referrer-when-downgrade: `a` link
referrerpolicy = strict-origin-when-cross-origin: `a` link

Image requests (cross-origin)

No referrerpolicy:
referrerpolicy = no-referrer-when-downgrade:
referrerpolicy = strict-origin-when-cross-origin

Script requests

Let's test fetch-level referrerPolicy

Note: A third-party script (`3pscript.js`) makes fetch requests with specific policies. You can also open the developer view in your browser (DevTools or other) > Open the Network Panel > Click on the "fetchtest" requests > See the "referer" field under "Request Headers".